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Specialist Members of the Financial Team

Mr. Conway Kong Wai LEE, CPPCC Hunan China (2008-2017)

Graduated from Kingston University in London and further obtained his post graduate diploma at Curtin University of

Technology in Australia. Mr. Lee served as a partner of Ernst & Young (EY) over 29 years and was one of the first batches of

professionals pioneered into China. He was resident in Shanghai and Beijing since 1996 and held key leadership positions in

the development of EY in China as follows:

-General Manager of Business Development of EY China;

-Managing Partner of EY Shenzhen;

-Managing Partner of EY Beijing;

-Head of Japanese Business Services of EY China practice;

-Industrial Leader of Retail and Consumer Products (RCP)

sector of EY Far East (EYFE); and

-Elected Member of Council of EYFE

Mr. Lee is recognized as a successful business developer and expert in corporate finance, M & A, and overseas listings. In

his career life with EY, he had successfully assisted over 30 corporations listed in HK, China and the US. Some of the noted

corporations include China Mengniu; Cofco Group of Companies; Gome; Little Sheep Group, Haikou Meilan Airport; HNG;

China First Tractor..... etc.

In his role as the Industrial Leader of RCP sector of EYFE, he had become a recognized leader in this field and had given

numerous speeches in seminars and forums in this sector. Under this role, he had delivered a number of thought leadership

papers in China, some of the notable ones are:

-The Path to Success for Retailer and Consumer Brands in China

-The New Lap of Luxury

-A Look at Merger & Acquisition in China's Retail Industry

-The Rise Of Female Consumerism in China

His last role before leaving EY was an elected member of the FE Council overseeing the operations of Far East Executives of

EYFE area.

Mr. Lee currently serves as independent non-executive directors (“INED“) of the following listed companies:

-Chaowei Power Holdings Limited (HKEx 0951) since 2010.7;

-West China Cement Limited (HKEx 02233) since 2010.8 ;

-China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd.(HKEx 01117) since 2010.11 ;

-Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings Limited (HKEx 0493) since 2011.3;

-NVC Lighting Holding Limited(HKEx 0222) since 2012.11

-Yashili International Holdings Ltd. (HKEx 01230) since 2013.11

-GCL New Energy Holdings Limited (HKEx 0451) since2014.5

-WH Group Limited HKEx 0288) since 2014.8; and

-Guotai Junan Securities Company Limited (HKEx & SSE 02611) since 2017.4

Formerly, Mr. Lee also served as INED or non-executive director (NED) of the following companies:

-Citic Securities Company Limited(HKEx 06030)(2011.11- 2016.5)

-China Environmental Technology and Bioenergy Holdings Limited (formerly Merry Garden Holdings Limited) (HKEx 01237), as

NED and Deputy Chairman (2014.7- 2015.9);

-China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited (HKEx 0966), (2009.9 -2013.8);

-Tibet Water Resources Holdings Ltd. (HKEx 01115) (2011.7- 2020.2);

-China Greenland Rundong Auto Group Limited (HKEx 01365) since 2014.8-2020.12); and

-Sino Vanadium Corporation (TSX) (2009.10 - 2011.12)

On community services, Mr. Lee served as an honorary auditor of Hong Kong Kidney Foundation; The Children's Foundation

in Hong Kong and The China Children and Youngster Foundation. Mr. Lee also served as a member of the supervisory council

of the latter Foundation. Since 2008 Mr. Lee was appointed a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

of Hunan Province in China until 31 December 2017. Since 9 September, 2016, Mr. Lee was appointed as a Trustee of Save the

Children Hong Kong until June 2019.

Mr. Lee is a member of the following professional organizations:

-The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales;

-The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia;

-The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants;

-The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants; and

-The Macau Society of Registered Accountants.